Self Manager Program

The Self Manager Program is designed to positively recognize those students who consistently model self-manager behavior.


How to Become a Self Manager

  • Students can pick up a form from their teacher
  • Students fill out the form
  • If students have all checks in the "Almost Always" section, their teacher will sign the form
  • Students return the form to their teacher
  • Students must apply to participate in the Self Manager Program each school year, even if they earned a badge the previous year.

Guidelines and Privileges

The homeroom teacher is the first person to sign the form.
Supporting staff should not sign if the homeroom teacher has not signed first.

Privileges that accompany the badge include:

  • No need for a hall pass if you're wearing a badge
  • Special Events (special recesses monthly, opportunity to be invited to the pizza lunch with the principal)
  • Classroom privileges designated by the teacher, such as:  Going to lunch ahead of the class, head-of-the-line privileges, ability to choose workplace, work independently, etc.

If a badge is lost or damaged by a student, there will be a one-time replacement with a fee of $0.75.  Please see the office for replacement forms.  If the badge is lost again, it will not be replaced.