Curriculum Resources

Please use the bars below to find your subject area and see student login instructions. For many of these resources, you will need to use the Chrome browser and log into your school account.

Please note that not all adopted curriculum has an online component.

For account/login assistance please contact Jen Cleven at

Chrome at Home

Install Chrome

In order for a student to access Google Drive and Chrome settings from a device other than a Chromebook at school, he/she will need to have Google Chrome installed on the “other devices” that they plan to use.

Sign In

Once you have installed Chrome on your device, you will likely be prompted to sign in. ** (see notes below)

  • Use the CKSD Google Account and password that you received at school. Do not create a new account.
  • Once you have signed in with your school Google account, choose “YES - SYNC DATA.” All of your settings and documents should sync. You will have access to the same extensions/add-ons/bookmarks, and your Chrome environment will be set up the same as you see on the Chromebook at school.

*IMPORTANT NOTE*:  If you use Chrome on a shared device, please make sure that you sign completely out of Chrome when you are finished. Closing Chrome does not sign you out. Click your name or profile icon (wherever you see it) and choose “Sign out.”

If you are still signed in, other people will be able to browse and make changes within your account.  

**ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE**:  If you have a personal gmail account (separate from your CK account) do not access that gmail account while logged into Chrome with your school account.  This can merge the two accounts.

Accelerated Reader (for participating schools)

Accelerated Reader Home Connect
Some schools participate in the Accelerated Reader program. You are able to access student reading quiz results from home, but students can only take quizzes at school.

To access, please use this link:  Renaissance Home Connect - CKSD

Students, please log in with your CK username (just the username - do not add and student ID # for password.

For more information:  What is Renaissance Home Connect?


Trouble Logging In?

- Check your typing - Make sure caps-lock is not on, check zeroes and "O"s, ones and "I"s - Some platforms require your whole address, some just your username - Don't try to search for a login website for your textbook, you need to access specifically from the bookmark folder, Moodle, or a link from your teacher - If you still need help, please email Mrs. Cleven at

Blank/white Screen After Logging In?

Clear your cache and reload:

  • Windows Machine: Ctrl + Refresh (or F5)
  • Mac/Apple: ⌘ + R or Apple + R
  • Chromebook: Ctrl +  ⟳

For other login difficulties, please contact Please keep in mind that different platforms may have pop-ups or URLs that need to be allowed on your home network. Please contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance with your home network settings.

Platform System Requirements/Whitelists 2016/17